Do not Donts
Top 10 DOs & Dont's of Resume / CV Making
DOs of Resume Making
  1. Clearly mention your Name and Contact Details except postal address on top of your resume.
  2. Emphasis on your achievements. Talk in numbers if possible and be specific about the duration.
  3. Skills, Skills and Skills are the most important component of your resume. Write skills important for the Job. Avoid irrelevant skills.
  4. While submitting hard copy of resume use quality papers, as it is first impression of yours.
  5. Use proper covering letter, consisting brief overview of your resume / CV.
  6. Personalize your cover letter by addressing to concerned person (HOD or HR Manager).
  7. Recheck your CV for errors, spelling mistakes and Grammar.
  8. Keep eye on overall visibility of your resume. It should look nit and clean.
  9. Hire professional resume makers for highlighting all your skills.
  10. Do Bullet point your resume skill wise, as it will give clear idea in first look itself.
  1. Avoid unnecessary personal details like height, weight, blood group etc. unless and until asked for it.
  2. Don’t include previous companies’ internal details like yearly sales, volume etc.
  3. Don’t include long list of employment, keep only last three or four employers only.
  4. Don’t include responsibilities per employer; rather summarize it in skills area.
  5. Don’t keep any information half filled.
  6. Don’t apply for anonymous post.
  7. Don’t include current salary in resume for first interaction.
  8. Don’t use photograph, as it will increase the size of your word doc.
  9. Don’t use digital signature, as it will increase the size of your word doc.
  10. Don’t use photocopy of resume, keep print out of every copy.