Why Professional Resume
Why Professional Resume / CV Making?
In these days of competition making resume / CV is first step towards job hunting. If we look in broad prospective a professional resume / CV is not only for job hunting but also important of self assessment and improvement. You can check yourself where you stand in a job market. The common myth in the market is that resume is for “sell yourself”, but true expression is “a resume is for selling your services”. In simple words Resume / CV is about what services you can provide to your prospective employer if they hire you. But writing resume is not that simple, competition makes it more challenging. There are three main challenges for making CV is competition, competition and competition. By any which way you apply for the job that is physically, online or by social networking, competition plays a vital role in getting you shortlisted for interview. For online job application your resume must contain with particular keywords, these keywords are nothing but industrial jargons used for your particular role or functional area. Because now a days maximum job portals use search engines based on keywords, to give more relevant resume options to employers. Applying physically for job is now days not much popular but for that also your resume must be concise and to the point, because the employer has very short time to scan the physical copy of resume. You need to highlight all the important details in such a way that it can grab attention of employer in seconds. If you feel that networking is the easiest way to fetch you an interview call, you making a mistake again. As here also maximum times you will be asked to send your resume first to concern person, and on the basis of your resume you will get interview call.
What Is Resume / CV / Bio Data?
Generally Resume, CV, and Bio data are used for same thing, but there is significant difference between these. Resume is summary of your employment, education, and most importantly skills, presented in crispy manner for particular position or job. The full form of CV is Curriculum Vitae, It is more elaborative then resume and also it is full list of your employment, Education and Skill set. While Bio data is more on Biographical Details of yours. It gives more emphasis on your personal details rather than employment, education and skills.